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Now it's finally much easier for practitioners to help their patients who have extensive muscular and other soft tissue problems.

Have you ever had a really deep massage? They are different from your typical massage, and if done correctly are a huge help in dealing with most problems involving muscular pain and stiffness, giving people great relief. Many practitioners would love to have their patients get more of this type of treatment, even having it done on a regular basis. However, there are several issues that stop this:

  • It's hard work for practitioners, often causing long term damage to their fingers and thumbs
  • It takes time and costs money
  • It hurts like hell

What we've done is build massagers, not like your typical massagers that work superficially, but ones specifically capable of penetrating deeply to where the worst problems are, without hurting like hell and without the hard work and long term damage for practitioners. More importantly they are extremely easy to use and economical, meaning that as well as practitioners using them patients can do quality deep massage at home under advice.

How does that work in practice? In our own clinic massage is only part of what we do, and a lot of people need far more massage than they have the time or funds to get professionally. We use the massagers ourself, but are quite happy for patients to take care of a lot of the mundane repetative work themselves under our advice. Simply, they buy a massager which doesn't cost much more than a single visit to a masseur, get some good advice on what they need, then have unlimited free quality deep massages while sitting in their favourite lounge chair.

Before, those patients never got all the massage they needed so their problems would persist and their symptoms lingered. Now it is much easier and we get far better results.

Which are you?

Just bought or been given a massager

If you’ve just brought or been given a massager congratulations. Like the huge number of practitioners across the world that use and recommend them you’ll find they're really strongly built and work extraordinarily well, so hopefully you’ll be getting a lot of benefit for a long period of time. You need to check out the instructions via the link above. Also, make sure you’ve got some professional advice. If you've got your machine from a clinic you can probably get some good advice there, otherwise you will need to chose your own professional. Why do we want you to get some professional advice? Simple, these are serious machines designed to do serious work. We want you to be safe and get the best benefit possible. You'll save a fortune by doing quality massage yourself that you would otherwise have to make appointments and pay for, but you'll need to make that relatively small investment in some quality advice.

Looking to get a massager

If you haven’t got a machine the first thing you need to do is check our list of practices from the link above. All the clinics have practitioners who are highly qualified in musculoskeletal diagnosis and management, and are very familiar with our machines. They’re a great place to get a machine because they can provide the great advice, and you won’t have to pay postage. If that’s not suitable you can get one direct from us. Just follow the orders link above and click the order button on the page. It has buttons for Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the European Union outside the UK. If you’re outside there send me an email and we’ll work something out.


If you have substantial training in musculoskeletal diagnosis and management, say a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist you may be interested in supplying patients to do supplementary work at home. That’s great for patients with extensive chronic issues that need much more myofascial work than you’ve got time to do, or patients with an occupation that tends to induce ongoing issues. These patients can get the extensive and repetitive soft tissue work they would otherwise not get because of time and economic constraints. They get exactly what they need because you’re advising them what to do. We also know that if you prescribed a great number of massage appointments over time in addition to your consultations it probably won’t happen. They might only have a couple of massages: way short of what they need. They might only be able to afford to see one practitioner! This way it get’s done, and it’s under your advice so they get exactly what they need. Personally in my clinic it’s made it so much easier to handle such patients and the results are usually fantastic. If that's something that might work for you contact us directly and we'll organise a sample machine for your clinic.

If you work with musculoskelatal probems but maybe havent got degree or some other substantial training in musculoskeletal diagnosis and management contact us anyway because we'll be happy to extend you special practitioner rates.

Sporting clubs and the like

We are sometimes asked by sporting clubs and the like for bulk orders for either club usage or for members. Because we prefer the massagers to be available from practitioners who can give advice if needed we do not supply wholesale quantities direct. However, if the club has an association with a substantially trained professional we can supply wholesale through him or her.