The DrGraeme General Purpose Massager

What have we improved upgrading the Deep Tissue Massager to the General Purpose Massager?

  • Replaced the 18w motor @ 2800 with a custom built 30w @ 3500 rpm. The extra power makes a huge difference, and the custom speed of 3500 rpm gives better penetration
  • Made new casings able to accommodate a larger head.
  • Made new larger heads that are larger so can work on a bigger area at once.
  • Made a flat rubberised head for comfort. It's incredibly comfortable, but we found it actually penetrates better and diffuses over a larger area than the "standard" one.
  • Included a smaller head similar to the Deep Tissue Massager heads to do "focused" work"
  • Replaced the two speed switch with a variable speed control that gives you an infinite choice of speeds. As a practitioner I'll often start slow and comfortable, then gradually increase speed as a muscle relaxes.
  • Made the casing 1mm thicker all over which has made the machine smoother and quieter.
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Deep Tissue massager or General Purpose Massager?

  • See video
  • The Deep Tissue Massager is excellent for specific focussed massage such as trigger point therapy or accupressure, and is a very high quality economical alternative if you don't mind massaging smaller areas at once.
  • The General Purpose massage is more powerful. It massages deep every bit as well as the Deep Tissue Massage, and does other things better. For a little bit extra it is a great choice.

The General Purpose massager being used

The General Purpose massager being used

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