How to get the most benefits from your massager

To get the best results and most benefits from your DrGraeme massager we recommend that you follow theses three basic steps

Step One: Basic instruction

Please read our usage guide for basic usage for basic usage ideas, massaging techniques and safety guidelines.

Step Two: Professional advice and management

Our massagers are serious pieces of equipment designed to provide quality massage.  We do not provide guidelines such as “massage for back pain”, as peoples needs differ and it would be irresponsible to prescribe a treatment plan for someone we had not personally examined and so forth.  To be safe and get the best results one should use our massagers as part of a professionally developed management plan.  Clinics listed in our find a clinic section have practitioners who may be familiar with our massagers and be able to provide excellent advice.  Alternatively, take your massager to a professional of your choice and ask him or her for advice.

Step Three: Explore potential benefits

According to university study done in the UK, before we started building our massagers the massagers available for home use were built mainly to look good on shop shelves.  They were considered ineffectual and were not supported or recommended by professionals.   Soft tissue therapy and massage was mostly done by practitioners and professional therapists.  This meant any prolonged course of treatment became incredibly time consuming and expensive.

Practitioners live in the real world where time and expense are a consideration. Even though regular massage or soft tissue therapy over a long period of time may have been indicated, it was too expensive and time consuming for all but people such as professional sports persons.  Because of this some other less appropriate form of treatment or a compromise would be recommended. For example, medical guidelines discount the positive clinical trial results of massage for fibromyalgia for this very reason. The same real world considerations apply for lifestyle, wellness and heath maintenance uses of massage.  For example, trials show people getting great benefits from the regular “Corporate” massages that are supplied by some companies.  However, these are not regularly recommended.

The game has changed. Supplementary home massage makes all these benefits now available. Unfortunately, because of the way it has been n the past they are not well utilised or recommended by professionals. At DrGraeme we are helping to change that. We have been going through the research looking for these potential benefits then presenting these in our research summaries.  You are strongly encouraged to look through these to identity potential overlooked benefits for yourself, family and friends.  When you find something it can be discussed with your professional adviser.


Research & Usage Information


Research findings: fibromyalgia caused by trigger points and successfully treated by trigger point therapy According to a review of research relating to the association between fibromyalgia and myofascial trigger points (trigger points) , trigger points are an important cause of fibromyalgia.... read more  

Exercises shown to not correct abnormal muscle activation patterns
Most movements require the co-ordinated contraction and relaxation of numerous muscles.  The neurological control of this is known as a muscular activation pattern... read more

The relationship between latent (pain free) trigger points and depression
Latent (pain free) trigger points are those tender spots in tightened muscles that you do not know are there until a masseur presses upon them. ... read more

How “pain free” trigger points cause muscles and joints to malfunction: causing injury and long term damage
Latent (pain free) trigger points are the tender spots in tight muscle you don’t know you have until a masseur presses upon them causing shooting pain... read more

Good news for shoulder pain sufferers
Do you suffer from long-term shoulder pain that does not seem to respond to treatment?  According to research the commonly blamed causes of shoulder pain... read more

Relief From Chronic Tension Type Headaches
The most common type of headache is the chronic tension type. The most common cause is said to be “trigger points” in the muscles of the head and neck... read more

Regular “corporate” massage shown to increase movement while decreasing pain and discomfort
A “chair massage” is typically where a person seated and clothed receives a short massage around the neck and shoulders.  ... read more

What vibration massage actually does

Regular massage for health and wellbeing

Summary of research on the effect of vibration massage on post exercise muscle soreness and recovery

Summary of research on the effect of vibration massage on muscle length and joint range of motion, with practical applications

Research findings: undetected trigger points in your muscles cause poor coordination and joint injury

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Latent (Pain Free) Trigger Points Alter Neurological Control of Shoulder Movement Causing Damage, Impingement and Injury
This article summarises the very important clinical implications of the research done by Dr Karen Lucas in Melbourne for her PhD Thesis.... read more

The presence and treatment of myofascial trigger points in chronic shoulder pain
The authors of two pieces of research state that although myofascial trigger points (MTPs) are well accepted as a source of pain they are barely... read more

Relief From Chronic Tension Type Headaches
The most common headache is said to be the chronic tension type.    In a study of this type of headache 31 subjects were examined for myofascial trigger points (MTPs)... read more

Regular "corporate" massage shown to decrease pain and discomfort while increasing range of motion
A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Showed that a simple corporate chair massage done twice weekly over a period of one month ... read more


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