How to get the most benefits from your massager

Our massagers are serious machines.  If used correctly users can enjoy all the benefits of practically unlimited quality massage without the limitations of time, cost and availability.  Along with our standard instructions that come with the massagers we are making available a complete set of guides and reference articles provided to practitioners, edited to be suitable for the public. This has an excellent set of usage instructions to help you use our massagers, plus a host of great possible uses and benefits.

Follow the instructions to learn the correct techniques, then have a professional examine you to work out what you need and guide you. That way you’re safe and get the best results.


This video covers how to use your DrGraeme massager as part of an overall approach to staying healthy or deal with pain issues


This video gives an overview of massage safety issues. It is to be viewed along with the instructions that come with the massagers (page1), (page2)

Our massagers

An overview of the Deep Tissue Massager and the General Purpose Massager


Detailed instructions on how to use your DrGraeme Deep Tissue Massager or General purpose Massager.

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