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A practical approach to help demonstrate the cause and manage “tennis elbow” and similar conditions In this research summary we will be sharing a simple practical test that help show the cause or contributing factor for lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)... read more

Why a sports person’s timing may be “out”, or be out of form Most sports rely on some sort of muscular coordination and timing.  A typical mechanism for this  first the brain  receives some sort of stimulus or information.  This needs to be processed and interpreted, then signals are sent to muscles causing them to take some action.  This all takes place in the proverbial “split second”, and is known as a “reaction time”... read more

Traditional home massage found to be far superior to anti-inflammatory drugs for chronic upper back pain Although anti-inflammatory drugs are heavily advertised and routinely prescribed for pain syndromes a recent clinical trial found them to be far less effective than simple home massage for the relief of upper back pain. It not only produced a far superior at reduction in pain, it also produced significant improvements in ranges of motion and a reduction in muscular tightness and tenderness... Read more

Lower back pain suffers found to have poor sensorimotor control, remedied by local muscle vibration The central nervous system relies on sensory feedback in order to achieve static and dynamic stability of the spine. This enables it to orchestrate the fine turned coordination of trunk muscles.  It has been shown that for those with low back pain this sensory feedback and control is diminished. ... read more

Repeated simple massage/soft tissue therapy shown to reduce anxiety, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and improve sleep quality A recent study published in the journal Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention showed that a simple back massage repeated over a period of time improved anxiety state, lowered heart rates and blood pressure, and improved sleep quality... read more

Latent (pain free) trigger points shown to cause rapid fatigue with pain-and underlie many other issues A study published in the journal Pain Medicine 2011 found that muscles containing latent (pain free) trigger points fatigued quickly and became painful.  This is not surprising considering a trigger point is part of a muscle constantly in a hyper-contracted state, and already suffering from local hypoxia and a build up of metabolites... read more

Research findings: fibromyalgia caused by trigger points and successfully treated by trigger point therapy According to a review of research relating to the association between fibromyalgia and myofascial trigger points (trigger points) , trigger points are an important cause of fibromyalgia.... read more  

Adding manual therapies directed at improving function produces far superior resultsThe control and co-ordination of joint movement is largely determined by factors that are not under conscious control...read more

Exercises shown to not correct abnormal muscle activation patterns
Most movements require the co-ordinated contraction and relaxation of numerous muscles.  The neurological control of this is known as a muscular activation pattern... read more

The relationship between trigger points and depression
A study published in the journal “Clinical Rheumatology” investigated the the prevalence of latent (pain free) myofascial trigger points (MTPs) in the scapular muscles of apparently healthy pain free adults, and whether they were associated with depression... read more

The presence and treatment of myofascial trigger points in chronic shoulder pain
The authors of two pieces of research state that although myofascial trigger points (MTPs) are well accepted as a source of pain they are barely... read more

Relief From Chronic Tension Type Headaches
The most common headache is said to be the chronic tension type.    In a study of this type of headache 31 subjects were examined for myofascial trigger points (MTPs)... read more

Regular "corporate" massage shown to decrease pain and discomfort while increasing range of motion
A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Showed that a simple corporate chair massage done twice weekly over a period of one month ... read more

What vibration massage actually does

Summary of research on the effect of vinration massage on post exercise muscle soreness and recovery

Summary of research on the effect of vibrationmassage on muscle length and joint range of motion, with practical applications

Research findings: undetected trigger points in your muscles cause poor coordination and joint injury

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