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An easy safe way to improve sleep quality while reducing anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure


A recent study published in the journal Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention showed that a simple 15 minute back massage each day for a week reduced anxiety, lowered heart rates and blood pressure, and improved sleep quality.  This is non-pharmaceutical, extremely safe and practically side effect free.  The only thing stopping most people from enjoying these benefits that having a professional massage each day would be prohibitively time consuming and expensive. You can now by using our DrGraeme serious massagers for home use. 

The study overview

The authors of the study were seeking a way to benefit those who care for cancer patients, a task that can be very demanding and stressful.  They chose as research subjects 44 carers aged 18 years and older with no significant medical or musculoskeletal problems.  22 received the massages while 22 were used as controls (to compare).  Those massaged were given a fairly standard 15 minute manual back massage each day for a week.  For scientific purposes the researchers needed t omake sure any improvements were due to the massage. To do this physiological effects were minimised by having the therapists keep communications to a minimum and non-aromatic baby oil to eliminate any aroma therapy effects.  So they knew that any improvements were not due to the rest and relaxation while being massaged comparison group also had rest and relaxation.  They rested quietly in a silence room and were not allowed anything that might affect the outcome such as music, television or exercising. The researchers used scientific questionnaires and measurements to measure anxiety levels, heart rate, blood pressure and sleep quality

The study results

Anxiety state
Anxiety levels were measured by two methods.  The first was by using a scientific questionnaire where scores range from 0 to 80.  Over the week the massage group improved from 49.68 to 45.68 while the control group actually worsened.

The second measurement was the level of a chemical called cortisol in the blood. This is significantly increased by psychological stressors, especially chronic stressful events.  The authors noted that six previous reviews of the effect of massage on cortisol  levels showed either small or non-significant improvements.  However, this study achieved a very significant reduction.  The researchers attributed to this to providing multiple applications of therapy.   To quote the authors:

In this study, a decrease in cortisol levels after massage was not surprising because massage was applied in multiple doses as 15 minutes a day for one week, thus sustaining the effect of massage might be effective.

Blood pressure and heart rate

To quote the authors:
Our findings showed that both BP and HR, which are psychological indicators, significantly decrease by massage.

Sleep Quality
As measured by a questionnaire called the “Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index” 77.3% of the subjects initially suffered from poor quality sleep.  After the week this had reduced to only 63.6%, with average index scores also significantly reduced.  Interestingly, as occurred with the anxiety state measurement the control group worsened.  Maybe being involved in the trial created extra stress?


This simple intervention repeated over time was shown to produce excellent and worthwhile results.  There were no pharmaceuticals involved, and no side effects. The trial only went for one week, so it can be speculated that continuing the intervention may have produced further improvements.   Anxiety, high blood pressure and poor sleep can be a complex problem so it should be assessed professionally so a safe, comprehensive management plan can be determined.  Regular massages may help.  Such regular massages if done professionally would be prohibitively expensive, practically unlimited quality massages can be received at home using our DrGraeme massagers with professional advice.  Massages can usually be combined with other forms of therapy such as exercise, relaxation and psychological counselling. 


Pinar R1, Afsar F. Back Massage to Decrease State Anxiety, Cortisol Level, Blood Prsessure, Heart Rate and Increase Sleep Quality in Family Caregivers of Patients with Cancer: A Randomised Controlled Trial. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2015;16(18):8127-33

Consulting your professional

To discuss this with your health care professional please download the practitioner .pdf version of thuis article: Download

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