Tuesday 6th February 2018

Good news for shoulder pain sufferers


Do you suffer from long-term shoulder pain that does not seem to respond to treatment?  According to research the commonly blamed causes of shoulder pain are equally present in people with no pain as they are in long term pain sufferers.  It also states that  the evidence from clinical trials supporting physical therapies that target these causes is either non-existent or conflicting.  If these “causes” are not responsible for long term shoulder pain what is? What treatment is really indicated?

The trial and comments

The research investigated humble trigger point.  They are the tender nodules within tight bands of muscle that masseurs love to find.   The researchers examined 72 adults who had suffered from shoulder pain for at least six months.  They found that each had a very high number of trigger points.   These trigger points were treated with a course of therapy over 12 weeks.   This produced excellent results as follows.

  1. The number of trigger points reduced considerably
  2. Pain and disability reduced considerably
  3. The number of trigger points correlated with the amount of pain and disability.  That means as the trigger points disappeared so did the pain and suffering.

The results of this research are very positive and good news for sufferer of long-term shoulder pain.  The only negative was that the 12 sessions of fairly extensive therapy produced very worthwhile improvements, but the trigger points, pain and disability were not completely gone.  More would be needed to achieve this goal.  Following that some form of long term maintenance would probably be required
If done exclusively by professional therapists alone this would be very time consuming and very expensive.  DrGraeme hand held massagers were developed to enable patients to have professional quality massage (a recognised trigger point therapy) at home under professional advice, making treatments for these conditions much more practical and affordable.
However, shoulder pain can be complex, so self diagnosis and management cannot be condoned.  The correct procedure is to seek advice from a professional who can conduct the appropriate examination and provide management advice.  The possibility of trigger point involvement and supplementary massage with a DrGraeme massager should be discussed.  If they are unfamiliar with our serious massagers they can email us and if needed we’ll organise them a sample.

More information

For more detailed information and references please see the practitioner version of this article.

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