Ordering massagers for other countries

We are happy to post our massagers anywhere except the USA (insurance reasons- see below for USA alternatives). We've got how to order below, but before that please note the following information.

Electrical voltages

Our massagers work with 220-240v. If you use them elsewhere you will need an adapter to transform to 220-240v. If you are unsure of what voltage you have please see our countries and voltages list

Electrical plugs

We have UK and Euro type plug massagers available from our UK warehouse, and Australian plug massagers from our Australian warehouse.

Our warehouses

We have a warehouse in the UK, and one in Australia.

  • our UK warehouse has massagers with UK plugs and Euro plugs. It sends our massagers using regular international post. This is limited to single massagers.
  • our Australian warehouse has massagers with the Australian electrical plug, and sends using Australia Post's international courier service which can deliver multiple massagers if needed.


We will post your massagers with proper customs declarations. You will be responsible for any local customs or fees.

General Purpose Massagers

We believe that if you are going to pay for international postage you should get the better machine, so it will be a General purpose massager

USA/Canadian alternative

We've see this vibration massager advertised in a USA Chiropractic Supply House. We've never see the actual machines, but it looks OK and the supply house is very reputable.

Ordering from our UK warehouse

For UK or Euro plug General Purpose Massagers sent using International Post. Your massager will be 45 GB Pounds plus post and handling. For this please check your country's postal zone

  • Europe zone: order here
  • Zone 1: P&H 30 (75 GBP total)
  • Zone 2: P&H 37 (82 GBP total)
  • Zone 3: USA- no can do

How to order from the UK warehouse

  • Please use our British Pound payment page www.drgraeme.com/pay-gbp
  • Make a payment for the correct amount
  • Put in your delivery address
  • Put in the description "UK/Euro (choose which) General Purpose Massager"

Ordering from our Australian warehouse

Australian electrical plugs only- sent using Australia Post's International Courier service. Our General Purpose Massagers are $90 AUD export, plus P&H. Check your country's zone for posting from Australia then find the cost below. You can get multiple massagers.

  • Zone 1 (New Zealand): order here
  • Zone 2 (China): One massager $136, extra massagers $104
  • Zone 3 (rest of Asia): One massager $140, extra massagers $105
  • Zone 4 (Canada only- not voltage): One massager $145, extra massagers $110
  • Zone 5 (Pacific Islands): One massager $151, extra massagers $110
  • Zone 7,8 & 9 (China): One massager $136, extra massagers $104

How to order from the Australian warehouse

  • Please use our Australian dollar payment page www.drgraeme.com/pay-aud
  • Make a payment for the correct amount
  • Put in your delivery address
  • Put in the description "General Purpose Massager"


If you need any help please email us