The Deep Tissue Massager was our first massager. It was called "Deep Tissue" because it was especially suited to massaging deeper focal parts of muscles. In 2012 we modified the Deep Tissue Massager to make it easier to use and more versatile. It does deep tissue massage as well, if not better, than the Deep Tissue Massager. However, it does a lot of other things well also. We could not call it the Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Large muscle, etc. etc. Massager, so we called it the General Purpose Massager. We've listed the improvements below.

What have we improved upgrading the Deep Tissue Massager to the General Purpose Massager?

  • The key is the motor upgrade. They modified the 18w @ 2800 rpm motor by putting in high quality bearings, silicon bushes, and adjusting it to develop much more power @ 3500 rpm. It's noticeably much more powerful, gives much better penetration, and is able to drive the new much larger heads. (Even though it's noticeably more powerful it still carries the "18w" electrical certification. As a practitioner I don't understand it, but my government accredited electrical certification consultant says it is OK)
  • Made new casings able to accommodate a larger head.
  • Made new larger heads that are larger so can work on a bigger area at once.
  • Made a flat rubberised head for comfort. It's incredibly comfortable, but we found it actually penetrates better and diffuses over a larger area than the "standard" one.
  • Included a smaller head similar to the Deep Tissue Massager heads to do "focused" work"
  • Replaced the two speed switch with a variable speed control that gives you an infinite choice of speeds. As a practitioner I'll often start slow and comfortable, then gradually increase speed as a muscle relaxes.
  • Made the casing 1mm thicker all over which has made the machine smoother and quieter.