Comparing our massagers

The Ultimate Quad Head Massager

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We believe this is the best available personal use massager on the planet. Our latest massager features our twin rocker quad head design which enables it to massage a large area while being incredibly smooth. It's ergonomic handle and versitile design makes it extremely easy to use. Being a genuine vibration massager rather than a less safe and less effective percussion machine the Ultimate Quad Head delivers genuine quality therapeutic vibration that pentrates deeply with scientifically proven effects.

The General Purpose Massager

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Our General Purpose Massager has been the go to machine for clinics across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom for almost a decade, with about 100,000 sold. It's 6cm diameter single main head delivers highly effective vibration massage rather than less safe and less effective percussion to a reasonable area. It's ergonomically designed handle makes it extremely easy to use, while it's simple robust mechanism makes it very strong and reliable.

Compared the Ultimate Quad Head Massager

The General Purpose Massager delivers very effective vibration massage to a smaller area, but it's about half the price. While we've built the quad head's mechanism to be very strong it is more complex with more moving parts. The General Purpose Massager's simple mechanism is in a league of it's own when it comes to robustness.

The Deep Tissue Massager

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This is our original massager. It's main head is only about 25mm diameter which makes it suitable for focused massage such as trigger point therapy or shiatsu, but not good for general massage. It shares the same simple robust mechanism as the General Purpose Massager.

Compared the General Purpose Massager

The General Purpose Massager has larger heads plus added power to drive them, so is much more versitile. However, if you only want to do focused work such as shiatsu the Deep Tissue Massager is a strong, reliable and very well priced machine.