Assistance for students

We wish students students to have the opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of vibration massage. To help do this we are:

Discounted massagers for students

Who is eligible

This is open to any student in a relevant course related to musculoskeletal care, sports or exercise. Examples include: Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Massage, Sports and Exercise Science.

Student massager prices

Australia and New Zealand

General Purpose Massagers (our best machine) are $30 each. Single unit postage is $15, but if class orders are amalgamated postage is free.

The UK

General Purpose Massagers (our best machine) are 20 pounds each. Single unit postage is 10 pounds, but if class orders are amalgamated postage is free.

How to order

Use our generic payment pages to make the payment

Please include in the description (or let us know)

  • "student General Purpose Massagers"
  • Your university, course and year
  • If you are not using your university issued email please email us a copy of your student ID
  • If the order is amalgamated please email us a list of students and their emails.


We are quite happy for students to buy the occasional extra ones for friends, or even sell the odd machine. However, we don't want to see any openly sold or available on-line. We especially don't want any sales competing with graduates who have to pay normal prices.

Practitioner guide and other research based information.

It is very important to us that students have a good understanding of the science and research, and learn the correct usage. We recommend you start with our practitioner guide (download below).

Our practitioner guide

  • Introduction for practitioners
  • Usage instructions
  • Detailed guides on special areas such as functional rehabilitation, health and wellness, and sports and exercise
  • A collection of reference articles
  • All scientifically referenced

Teaching massagers to universities and colleges

We are happy to donate massagers for teaching purposes. Please email us your requests

Research Based Information

Research Based Information (Continued)