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Welcome to our practitioner resources page. We want to give colleagues and fellow professionals the opportunity to learn about and experience the benefits of vibration massage using genuine vibration massagers. You'll find a mountain of info, but more importantly the opportunity to try one yourself using either our extremely generous practitioner pricing or a sample massager. Further we love to help those who teach future practitioners, having donated large numbers of massagers to colleges and universities, plus have heavily discounted massagers for students. If there is anything else you need please don't hesitate to email us

Our massagers

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Useful guides

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Practitioner guide

Our practitioner guide

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The scientifically proven effects of vibration massage- with clinical applications

Practitioner pricing, orders and samples


Please (Email us) for practitioner/wholesale pricing.


Australia and New Zealand

To order simply phone us or (Email us) your requirements.

The UK and Europe

We have a practitioner only order page hidden from the rest of the website. (Email us) and we'll send you the link.

Sample massagers

We have always been happy to give colleagues a massager (to keep) to enable them to trial our massagers and evaluate the use of vibration massage. Our criteria are as follows. If you don't have a relevant degree or it is for someone else in a clinic that already has them please take advantage of our excellent practitioner pricing. To order a sample please (Email us) or use this form Australia and New Zealand, The UK and Europe

Sample criteria

  • Relevant degree qualification
  • One per clinic only
  • Application by practice principle preferred

Colleges and students


It has been our pleasure to be able to support many of the universities and colleges training our future colleagues with massages for teaching, student clinics and reaseach projects. If that is something of interest please (Email us)


We have very heavily discounted massagers available for future colleagues. Please see our student page for details.

Our website

Articles and content

As a Chiropractor in private practice for over 27 years all our articles are written with the view of having readers understand the benefits of quality professional musculoskeletal care and understanding the need for proper correction and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions.

Referring potential patients

When you get wholesale qualtities of our massagers we add your clinic to our website. People looking for massagers on our website are encouraged to seek a local clinic because they can get one straight away without postage, but more importantly will probably be able to get some excellent advice. Most people looking for a massager will have some problem they wish to use it on, so if they contact you we recommend that you be caring and ask questions. You may be able to help them as a patient, and at the minimum they will now be aware of your clinic. The picture below is a snapshot of the analytics showing people people clicking on clinic websites from our website.

Link to our website

Please consider adding a link from your website to our website or one of our articles. This will:

  • refer people to potential patient education material
  • encourage Google to send people to our website, which means more referrals to local clinics.
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Sample of analytics: June 2021

Research Based Information

Research Based Information (Continued)