Our website is for your benefit


As a chiropractor in private practice for over 27 years and being super appreciative of the support for our massagers I've built our website to support client's clinics as much as possible. There are two main ways we do this.

Website map of clinics
Our website sends over 200 people a month to client's clinics

Sending people to their clinics

Everyone looking for our massagers on our website is advised to first check for a local clinic. We advise that they may get a massager straight away with no postage, but more importantly will have access to some good advice. At the moment we are sending over 200 people a month. Our recommendation is that most people sourcing a massager will have some sort of issue they want to us it on, so if contacted be concerned and ask questions. They may seek your care, or at worse now be aware of your clinic.

Articles with a patient eductation perspective

Again, with 27 + years as a chiropractor I try and incorporate patient eduction into my articles. It's a very common theme that musculoskeletal conditions develop over time, and need professional management plus proper correction and rehabilitation rather than pain relief.

Our vision

In recent times I've started to write excellent articles to specifically answer things people ask on Google. Google can tell a quality response, so it's working. The idea is to tap into a new pool of people who may have never considered using services such as yours and a massager.

Google search results
Google recommending an article that tells people with problems that they should seek proper professional care like yours


This is googles recommendation for people who ask the common question "Why trigger points keep coming back". The article tells these people that trigger points keep coming back because they are inadequately treated. It says that they are usually part of a more complex musculoskeletal problem, and will have causative and aggravating issues that need to be dealt with. It tells people to consult a professional who deals with trigger points, and of course have using our massagers incorporated into the management plan aimed at proper elimination rather than just pain relief.

Please consider linking from your website

Please consider helping us help you by linking our website from yours. This can help you two ways.

  1. A link from your website is seen as a recommendation by Google. Obviously the more people Google sends to our website the more people go to our maps looking for local clinics.
  2. You may think that some of the articles we've written may be worthwhile for your patients/clients to read.

How to link from your site

If it fits in with your website and your strategy please consider the following options.

Simple link

A simple we use/sell/recommend link. Feel free to use our logo or any of our images with a massager in it. Link to our home page or our General Purpose Massager page.

Link to an article

Browse through our articles and if you think any are worthwhile for patients/clients link to them.

Thanking you in anticipation