The General Purpose Massager

We built our General Purpose Massagers as something economical and easy to use so patients can do self massage at home, but we packed so much performance into it that colleagues use them in clinic themselves as well.

Our massager

You will find the story of how we developed our General Purpose massager below. If you see this video demonstration or click on the image you'll see what makes our massagers so effective professionals use them, yet easy enough to use that non-professionals can use them at home for self massage.

Looking for a suitable massager for patients

When we originally looked for a massager our patients to use we had to sort through a lot of really poorly designed machines and work out exactly what was needed to make a truely great machine that we could be confident patients would get great benefit from. This buyers guide is basically the story of what we found.

Very easy to use

Our massagers are extrordinarily easy to use. Please check our our next video to see how easy.

Highly effective therapy

A big advantage of using a General Purpose Massager is that the vibrations can easily penetrate deeply providing very effective therapy without hurting.

A host of extra benefits

We originally built or massagers so patients could get the extra quality therapy they needed to help with problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain. There are a lot of other things massage can help with, but is usually considered too expensive. With practically unlimited quality massage that has now changed. The following videos show other things you might be able to use your General Purpose Massager for.

Professional at desk
Professionals: click image to find out more and possibly trial vibration massage


DrGraeme massagers were originally built by Dr Graeme for use in his clinic, and to prescribe to his patients for additional self use at home. Now these are used by colleagues and other professionals for similar purposes. If you are a professional and wish to know more about this therapy, or possibly get a sample massager to trial please check out our practitioner page.