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Massager(s) Direct Order - New Zealand

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Orders are usually sent by Australia Post International Courier from Melbourne the same day or next business day, depending on when we receive it. The warehouse should email you a confirmation email with tracking advice.

We make serious massagers and want you to get the best possible results. While your order is in the post may we suggest you check out our usage guide. This guide summarises many uses and benefits you may not have thought of. Further information on these and more can be found in our research summaries and guides on our website. We are continually adding to these, so if you wish to get updates hot off the press and you did not select that option with your order please go here to sign up or email us at

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Postage Costs = Base Charge ($23.00) plus a weight charge of $7.00 per massager, so total postage = $30.00 for a single unit, plus $7.00 for each additional unit.

General Purpose Massager

Our General Purpose Massager incorporates all the deep tissue ability of the Deep Tissue Massager, but it is a lot more versatile, easier to use and suitable for other types of massage as well. View Product Page Here

  • $95.00 per unit plus $7.00 courier weight charge (see above)

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Deep Tissue Massager

Our Deep Tissue Massager is a purpose built machine to do trigger points and other deep focused massage. View Product Page Here

  • $85.00 per unit plus $7.00 courier weight charge (see above)

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