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Self massage allows the benefits of quality massage at home for little cost

Welcome to our instructions page. We've built our massagers to be serious therapeutic devices, and wish you to be safe and get the best possible results. Please take advantage of the instructional resources we've provided below, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email.


Instructional articles
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Our Usage guide:

  • basic instructions
  • summaries of a host of potential uses and benefits

Our practitioner guide

  • Introduction for practitioners
  • Detailed guides on special areas such as functional rehabilitation, health and wellness, and sports and exercise
  • a collection of reference articles
  • all scientifically referenced


Research Based Information

Functional rehabilitation

As practitioners we are continually dealing with dysfunctional musculoskeletal systems. Typically dysfunction develops and is perpetuated... Read Article  

How to treat trigger points at home

There are several good trigger point therapies you can do at home. These can give pain relief, but trigger points are stubborn and hard... Read Article  

How to use a hand held massager

Using a hand held massager is simple. You place the vibrating head on the muscle, making good contact, and allow the vibrations to... Read Article  

Self massage for anxiety

Many clinical trials have shown that massage reduces anxiety, along with a range of other symptoms such as pain, depression and high... Read Article  

The sports and exercise guide to vibration massage

Most professional athletes and sports clubs make heavy use of massage type treatments. The ability to do self massage using a hand held... Read Article  

What massage helps you sleep

Clinical trials have shown that a variety of regular short duration remedial type massages improve the quality of sleep. These ranged... Read Article