About our massagers

We built our DrGraeme massagers to be powerful and effective enough for professionals to use in their clinics, yet economical enough and easy to use so their patients or clients can use them themself to have practically unlimited professional quality massage therapy at home.

Dr Graeme's comments
Dr Graeme's comments

Why our massagers are the best

Back a few years ago a team of UK researchers found that massagers built for personal use were ineffective because manufacturers were more concerned about how they looked on shop shelves rather than function. As a chiropractor looking for something to help patients I was only concerned about two things:

  1. that the machines were economical, easy to use, and highly effective, and
  2. that people used them get the best possible results.

In the wise words of Metallica nothing else matters. In this website we've got information about our massagers and why they are so good, but more importantly we have a huge amount of information to help you get the most from them. If there's anything else we can help you with please don't hesitate to email me

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