DrGraeme professional strength massagers for general use

Basic resources


Our massagers click here.
Usage: basic usage guide or usage guide with complete set of research based articles
To get your DrGraeme massager: list of clinics that may stock them or direct from us.


Practitioner page: Practitioners
Usage guides: Practitioner guide, The scientific effects of vibration massage with clinical applications
Practitioner rates, samples: Email us

Sports and gymnasiums

The sports and gymnasium guide to vibration massage

Students and colleges

Massagers for training, heavily discounted student massagers, graduation presents: Student page


Instructions booklet

Why our massagers are different

Several years ago Dr Graeme, a Chiropractor practicing in Victoria, Australia was looking for a serious hand held massager his patients could use at home to get the extra quality massage they needed. The ones he found in the shops and on-line for home use looked nice but were not serious, and certainly not capable of delivering the massage needed... Read More

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