Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important to us that those purchasing our massagers have access to good quality advice regarding any condition they may use it on. This is why we only supply wholesale quantities to practitioners and clinics. We do not supply the likes of department stores or pharmacies. Please check out our “Find a Clinic” section, which lists those who have brought wholesale quantities in the past, and give any local ones a call. Some only get them spasmodically or by special order, but many stock them for purchase.

We encourage people to purchase locally where possible, as one can access appropriate advice, and save on postage. Where this is not possible one can get them posted out directly by us.

A full list of difference is listed in our General Purpose Massager section. The Deep Tissue Massager was our original massager. It has smaller heads and a simple two speed control. It is extremely robust and designed for massaging smaller focal parts of muscle such as deep “trigger points”. The smaller heads are excellent for this role, but not for massaging larger areas. Because of it’s specialised role we call it the "Deep Tissue Massager". The General Purpose Massager has the same mechanism, but with a more powerful motor and alternative larger heads. With the smaller head fitted it has the same action as the Deep Tissue Massager, but with the alternative larger heads fitted is much better at massaging larger areas or for more relaxing use. It does “deep tissue just as well, but because of the extra versatility we called it the General Purpose Massager.

To our knowledge there is no research either way with regard to the risks in using vibration or massage with any of these conditions. In the absence of this information we recommend that for those conditions the massagers not be used where it may affect the heart or foetus. We have people ask if it OK if a doctor recommends it. The answer is still no. There is always the possibility that they are wrong, or that something coincidentally happens and the massagers get blamed.

Varicose veins can be caused by the deeper veins not working properly forcing the blood to return via the smaller surface veins. This means that there is the risk of the deeper veins containing clots, which is a condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis. If these clots are dislodged they can end up blocking the blood vessels in the lungs, which can be devastating or even fatal. Therefore do not use a massager or any sort of massage over varicose veins.

Our massagers are corded. Their 3m cord is longer than that typically found in a home use massager. This is because they are also used in clinics by professionals. You can get very powerful cordless power tools, but these tend to have large batteries which would make a massager heavy and cumbersome for personal use, negating the excellent ergonomics of our massagers. There are cordless hand held massagers with smaller batteries that fit neatly in the handle of the machine. Our corded machines are very powerful. Our factory has advised us that we would be very disappointed with the performance if we put a battery in the handle.

Although one sees generic massage techniques, exercises and other therapy for back pain and a host of other conditions it is actually irresponsible to do so without actually examining and determining the cause of the problem. As with any therapy, there are circumstances when massage is appropriate and circumstances where it is not. Such conditions are best assessed by an appropriate professional, who can conduct an appropriate examination and advise on the best course of management.

Our usage guides give excellent instructions and a host of information to enable informed discussion with your professional, but we leave the specific advise to him or her. This is analogous to providing a high quality hammer or power tool with thorough usage instructions. To build a house you would still need an architect and builder.

We have a warehouse in Australia that can post to Australia and New Zealand. We have a warehouse in England that can supply the UK and Europe. We can mail to Asia and the pacific region from Australia. Contact us for postage rates. At the request of our insurance company we do not supply the USA.

Shipments can be tracked on-line. If we have your email address the warehouse will email confirmation of sending plus a tracking number. Unless we make specific arrangements a signature will be required.

We do not routinely get tracking numbers, but our warehouse is able to track shipments.

Usually, if we receive your order by late morning Victorian time we can have it sent that day. If not, it is usually sent the next business day. Most parcels are sent using the standard E-parcel service. The usual delivery time can be found using Auspost’s website They are sent from postcode 3026. Express post can be arranged. Please contact us to organise this.

As orders are processed in Australia (different time zone) they need to be in by about 8-9am UK time to be processed and sent that day. Delivery is by courier, and is usually next business day for most of the UK, and varying times for the rest of Europe.

The red heads from the Deep Tissue Massager will screw directly into the General Purpose Massager. However, the larger General Purpose Massager heads will not fit into the Deep Tissue Massager. The circular collar surrounding the head in the Deep Tissue Massager is too small, and the motor in the Deep Tissue Massager would not have sufficient power to drive it properly.

Many hand held massagers for consumer use have a lot of different heads with a variety of shapes and projections. These are generally just gimmicks and a carry over from manual massaging tools. Vibration/percussion massagers use the vibrations to penetrate deeply, not the projections on the heads. Our General Purpose Massagers have three heads.

The larger flat head makes excellent contact on most parts of the body allowing effective transfer of vibration to the tissues. It is the one we use most of the time.

For the larger one with projections the projections are not for penetrating. Rather, at higher speeds the flat head will sometimes patter (bounce up and down). With the projections the vibrations affect the same general area, but the force is only distributed over the projections, making it less likely to bounce up and down.

The smaller rounded head enables more focused massage and contact with harder to get areas.

No, these are just gimmicks and practically useless in hand held massagers. The warmth you will feel comes from blood flowing into the area.

No, sorry. In order for us to provide serious capability we need a certain amount of size and weight. We would not be able to provide that with a smaller machine. Also, it is only by providing something that large numbers of practitioners recommend for general usage we can build the numbers of machines to make production economical and not have to pay marketing costs. That is how we can provide such a high quality machine at such a reasonable price. While smaller massagers such as a travel machine would be very useful it is doubted that they would receive such wide spread recommendations.

This only applies to massagers brought directly from DrGraeme. Clinics that sell them may have different policies. If a product is faulty (which is very rare) it will be covered by our replacement warranty.

What happens though if you've brought the massager, it works perfectly and is exactly as represented but for some reason you change your mind? If we send a massager out then have it returned we have had to pay for post and handling to send it out. The warehouse would then charge us to process the item and put it back in stock. We are then usually left with an item that has been opened and possibly used so cannot be sold as a new product. It might sound tough, but we are very specific and accurate with our product description and we don't pad the price to allow for people who change their mind. We will not entertain requests for returns.