Deep Tissue Massager

Comments from Dr Graeme

The Deep Tissue Massager is our original massager. It has smaller heads designed to do deep focused massage such a trigger point therapy, acupressure or shiatsu. It is strongly built, very reliable and excellent for doing these. However, it lacked the versatility to do other types of massage. This is why we built our General Purpose Massager, which uses the same extremely strong mechanism, but has a more powerful motor and the ability to use larger heads.

As a practitioner I decided to build something that was powerful, easy to use, affordable and did a fantastic job. We started with the Deep Tissue Massager which was a purpose built machine to do trigger points and other deep focused massage. We then built our more powerful General Purpose Massager which incorporated all the deep tissue ability of the Deep Tissue Massager, but was a lot more versatile, easier to use and suitable for other types of massage as well. If you are mainly doing focused massage such as trigger point therapy, accupressure or shiatsu the Deep Tissue Massager is a perfectly good, well built reliable machine.

The name Deep Tissue Massager vs General Purpose Massager

Some people think that with the name "Deep Tissue Massager" this machine as the better machine to do this type of work. The Deep Tissue Massager's name reflects the type of work it was designed for. Having the same mechanism and more power our new massager is excellent at deep tissue massage, but is also excellent for many other forms of massage. If we put all the the things it was good at in it's name we would have a very long name, so we called it the General Purpose Massager.

Please see our User guide for potential uses and benefits