Deep Tissue Massager

Introduction to the Deep Tissue Massager, by Dr Graeme

Before we started building our massagers the manufacturers of hand held massagers for the public were mainly concerned about how they looked on shop shelves. These massagers were given as gifts, used a few times, then put in a cupboard.

Professionals found them to be ineffective, and did not recommend or support their usage. This is not our opinion. It is the findings of a UK university study published in a respected scientific journal.

As a practitioner I decided to build something that was powerful, easy to use, affordable and did a fantastic job. We started with the Deep Tissue Massager which was a purpose built machine to do trigger points and other deep focused massage. We then built our more powerful General Purpose Massager which incorporated all the deep tissue ability of the Deep Tissue Massager, but was a lot more versatile, easier to use and suitable for other types of massage as well.

You can read below about what has gone into our Deep Tissue Massager to make it so effective. However, I used one myself in practice. They work!!! and are built to provide practically unlimited quality massage in the comfort of your own home. I’d thoroughly recommend though that you looked at our instruction manual and other resources on this website and see the benefits you, your family and friends could be getting.


McDonagh D. et al Good vibrations: Do electric therapeutic massagers work? Ergonomics Vol. 48, Iss. 6 2005

Details of what makes them so good

If you're really interested the following are some of the reasons why our Deep Tissue Massagers are much better than the one we saw in the shops. (For general information on massager design see here)

Easy to use

The Deep Tissue Massager couldn’t be too heavy. Considering the punch it packs and it isn’t. The next thing we looked at is the shape. Perhaps the best way to explain the importance of shape is by comparing it with the typical massager you can buy in the shops. Most have their hammer heads protruding significantly below the handle, and their handle curve only slightly downwards. What this means is when you massage the back of your shoulders you have to lift your arm up high to reach. On the other hand the hammer head of the Deep Tissue Massager doesn’t protrude down anywhere near as much and the handle curves down a long way. That means that you can massage the same spot but the handle is down much lower and easier to reach. It makes the Deep Tissue Massager easier to use whereas others are tiring.

Another thing I’d like you to notice about the handle is most shop massagers have a taper whereas the Deep Tissue Massager has a bulb. It mightn’t seem like a big deal, but if you’re holding a tapered handle with the machine pointing downwards you have to grip it tightly so it doesn’t slip. On the other hand on the Deep Tissue Massager the ball stops the handle sliding through your grip. That means you don’t have to grip so tight so your arm don't get tired or sore.

Type of massage

Next we look at the type of massage you need. Simplifying things you’ve got two types of massage. The first are your superficial relaxing types. They feel good but don’t really get into the spots that need it. The second type are the deeper massages which really get into where they need to go. Most shop massagers tend to give the more superficial massage, whereas we wanted our machine to give a massage more like the deep ones that get in and do a lot of good. Again we had to be a bit different. If we look inside most shop brought machines they have a basic consumer grade motor, hammer mechanism that's not a real strong, and some cheap plastic press on heads. Instead we built ours around a high quality commercial grade motor with a strong hammer mechanism. Rather than plastic press on heads ours are strong and screw in. It's these much stronger mechanical parts that allow the Deep Tissue Massager to penetrate much deeper.


Now it’s not much use having a wonderful machine if people like you can’t afford them so we’ve made them very reasonably priced. We’ve managed to do that two ways.

  1. First you’ll find no expensive packaging, coloured lights or heaps of plastic bits you don’t need, just a simple basic machine made of high quality parts.
  2. The second and most important reason is the support we get from hundreds and hundreds of great clinics around the world who use, recommend and sell these machines. Because they do that there’s no need for things like advertising, distributors, shops and the like, so I don’t have to bump all those costs onto you. That’s why you’re getting a professional grade product at a consumer price.

Last for a very long time

Lastly, we wanted people such as yourself to be able to get the benefit of quality home massager year in year out so your massager has to last. We’ve got a 12 month replacement warranty on them, and unlike a lot of machines that includes commercial use. The motor, bearings, switch, power board and cable are all top quality.

2010 major upgrade

We received our first production Deep Tissue Massagers two days before christmas 2007. By 2010 usage and prescription in practices had grown to the extent that we were able to do a major upgrade which no only included making the changes, but also included the time consuming and expensive process of laboratory testing plus preparation of and submission to the certifying body to obtain proper electrical certification.

For the upgrade we replaced the following parts with heavy duty commercial components.

  • The motor
  • The switch
  • The powerboard
  • The cord
  • The attachment to the body of the massager

We also took the opportunity to remove the "infra-red" lights which were a useless gimic in the machine we modified, drew power from the powerboard creating extra heat inside the machine (heat is the enemy of electrical components), plus encouraged people to massage on bare skin which is not appropriate.

The good thing is that by the time we did the upgrade our supporting practices gave us enough volume with the associated buying power and economies of scale that the increase cost was marginal, hence the massagers are still very reasonably priced.

The potential benefits

Instruction manual

General benefit related research