Europe retail orders

Welcome to our European order page where you can get Euro Plug massagers from our Netherlands warehouse. With postage rates vary considerably and having to charge the Netherlands 21% VAT to some customers but not others it would take a really complex "shop front" to work it all out. Instead we give you a couple of simple tables to look up, then have you put the total and what you want in our generic payment page. If you need any help don't hesitate to email, and don't worry about making a mistake because we check everything before sending out.

VAT and customs advice

Ordering steps

For Ireland orders

VAT and customs advice

If you are in the EU

If you are in the EU we have to add the Netherlands 21% VAT. As the massagers are sent from within the EU there should be no customs or duties for your order.

If you are not in the EU

We do not have to add any VAT. The shipment will be an import for your country so customs may get involved. Most countries let single massagers in OK, but any fees or duties are your responsibility.

EU Countries

Single massager (Multiple massagers)

  1. Step one: look up the total including postage in the table below
  2. Step two: proceed to Place the order

Multiple massagers

  1. Step one: add the cost of the massagers ( General Purpose Massagers 75 Euros, and Quad Head Massagers 121 Euros)
  2. Step two: get the postage from the table below
  3. Step three: add the postage and cost of massagers
  4. Step four: proceed to Place the order

Place the order

For this all you need to do is open up our Euro payment page then:

Step one: fill in your name and address details
Step two: put the total you worked out in the payment section down the page
Step three: in the "reason for payment/description we need
  • what you have ordered eg. "5 General Purpose Massagers"
  • anything else you wish to tell us
Step four: enter your card details and submit


Note: the EU banking has some additional security features. My webmaster is confident this does all that is necessary, but if you have any issues please email me

Non EU countries

Non-EU pricing

We do not have to add VAT, so the price for the massagers is as follows. However, your country may charge duties or taxes whicn will be your responsibiity.


Check if your postage is listed in the table below. If not email us and we will email you the pricing.

Placing an order

Once you have the postage costs add the postage and the massager(s) then all you need to do is place the order using the proceedure or EU orders above

Postage for some non EU countries (Euros)

NOTE: You may need to scroll the table below left/right for more information






105 (1-3 massagers)