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Does vibration massage help healing

Vibration: faster wound healing
An example of the effect of vibration on healing


Vibration massage has long been understood to help increase circulation, which helps healing. It has also been used to speed the healing of bone fractures. However, studies have also shown that the daily application of 20 minutes vibration will also:

  • increase wound healing
  • speed muscle growth and repair
  • increase the levels of growth hormones
  • cause healing with less scar tissue, and
  • help nerves heal

In this article we'll show you what the scientific trials have found (including some amazing pics) then give you a guide on how to use this.


healing bone fractures
wound healing
muscle injury
Blood vessels
Increased levels of growth hormones
nerve tissue
The results in the scientists own words
Advice on using vibration for healing

The scientifically proven healing effects

Healing bone fractures

There have been a large number of trials investigating the effect of vibration on the healing of bone fractures. All trials showed that the application of vibrations sped up healing remarkably (1–9). Therapeutic applications have generally been in the range of 35-45Hz, with applications of 20-30 minutes per day. Researchers have viewed healing on xrays, measured various blood chemical levels and noted the number of osteoblasts (bone producing cells).

Wound healing

We found two trials that measured the effect of vibrations on wound healing. The results are illustrated in the following pictures.

Trial (10): This photo and graph shows the effect of applying 45 Hz vibration for 10 minutes per day, as compared with using an alternative method of stimulating growth: electrostimulation.

The healing of a wound when vibration is used vs healing with an alternate therapy electrical stimulation

Trial (11): This trial used 45 Hz for 30 minutes per day. LIV stands for low intensity vibration, while the controls were allowed to heal naturally.

Wound healing: the effects of vibration (2)
Wound healing: the effects of vibration - separate trial

Muscle injury healing

A study into the effect of vibration on the healing of muscles used applications of 45 Hz for 30 minutes a day. As shown in the following pictures this resulted in a remarkable:

  • increase in the size of muscle fibres, and
  • a reduction in the amount of fibrosis (12)

Increased muscle fibre growth

This photo shows the effect on healing muscle of 45 Hz vibration for 30 minutes per day. It shows muscle fibres in cross section. Those receiving vibration have clearly grown much larger (12).

Increased growth of muscle fibres due to vibration
Increased growth of muscle fibres due to vibration

Reduction in fibrosis (scar tissue)

From the same trial. In these photos the lighter staining represents fibrous scar like tissue, while the red is the muscle fibres. This clearly shows that the application of 45 Hz vibration for 30 minutes per day resulted in healing and muscle growth with far less scar tissue. Scar tissue is detremental because it reduces flexibility and has no functional strength.

Reduced scar tissue due to vibration
Reduced scar tissue due to vibration

Formation of blood vessels

The formation of blood vessels is very important as it allows nutrients to be delivered to the healing tissues. In these pictures the darker lines are the blood vessels. It shows that vibration (LIV) cause the growth of a lot more blood vessels (11).

The formation of blood vessels stimulated by vibration
The formation of blood vessels stimulated by vibration

Level of growth hormones

Growth hormones are your body's natural version of the steroids body builders and athletes illegally use. Of course these are legal and enhance your body rather than cause long term harm. As shown in these graphs vibration of 45 Hz for 30 minutes a day caused a remarkable increase in several of these (11). Where the graph shows a lower level it's actually a good thing for that chemical.

Vibrations cause an increase on levels of growth hormones
Vibrations cause an increase on levels of growth hormones ("D" is better when lower)

Nervous tissue

Scientist investigating the effect of vibration on the healing of nervous tissue by deliberately injuring the brachial plexus on a large number of mice (13)⁠ . What the found was truly remarkable. We’ve reproduced their summary of findings in an appendix, but in summary the vibration was found to:

  • accelerate the formation of new skin and tissues, speeding the closure of wounds
  • accelerate the formation of new blood vessels
  • increase blood flow and increase the permeability of capillaries allowing more blood to the tissues
  • increase the production of Growth Factor and various other growth related hormones.
  • promotes the repair and regeneration of nerves
  • increase the activity of various other chemicals needed for growth and repair

Appendix one: results in the scientist's own words

The following is a direct quote from the trial testing the effects of vibration on the healing of injured nerves. There are a few technical terms, but overall it's pretty easy to understand (13)⁠.

Effect of Mechanical Massage Treatment on Muscles of Limbs

Mechanical vibration massage treatment has obvious effect on muscular atrophy induced by nerve root injury. It can dilate capillary, increase volume of blood flow, so as to greatly improve blood supply and nutrition in local tissue; It can make the wall of micrangium rhythmically flatten and restore, accelerating flow of blood; And it can promote contraction and extension of muscle fibers, strengthen muscular tension, elasticity and tolerance, so, it can prevent and cure muscular atrophy.

Effect of Mechanical Massage on Secretion of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor- a growth hormone)

Benign stimulation of mechanical vibration massage can activate the response of nerve immune and neuroendocrine systems, and transmit the signals to the submandibular gland through complicated ways, promoting secretion and storage of NGF in the submandibular gland. Finally, NGF is transported to brachial plexus root injury area through digestive, circulative and nerve systems.

Effect of Mechanical Massage on Repair of Injured Nerves

Mechanical vibration massage can effectively promote the repair of myelin sheath and axes of injured brachial plexus in the rat. It can effectively improve blood circulation of the injured myelin sheath, promote proliferation of SC and survival of the cell body of injured neurons, so as to form a necessary regenerative micro-environment early for repair of nerve, and it induces stress responses of immune and neuroendocrine systems in the rat,promotes secretion of NGF in this gland, and it can improve peripheral nerve units and excite peripheral nerves, so as to accelerate their conduction reflection.

Effect of Mechanical Massage on Na+, K+-ATPase Activities

Na+, K+-ATPase activity on the surface of muscular cell membrane is an important limited factor for excitability and contractile strength of muscular cells. After skeletal muscles lose nervous innervation, generation of ATP is hindered, so Na+, K+-ATPase activity decreases. Under the mechanical massage stimulation, the muscular cells cultured in vitro show increases in stress-related gene expression and protein synthesis, leading to adaptability reconstruction of structures and contractile characters of the muscular cells, which are closely related with activation of Na+, K+-ATPase, and influences the distribution and functional activity of Na+, K+- ATPase on the surface of muscular cell membrane. In brief, mechanical vibration massage can promote the regeneration and recovery of the brachial plexus, and effectively slow down the decrease of Na+, K+-ATPase activities induced by the nerve injury, preventing muscular atrophy, and it promotes the generation of submandibular gland NGF, providing a favorable environment for regeneration of nerve"

Advice on using vibration for healing

The scientists have achieved these remarkable results by applying vibration in the range of 35-50Hz, with applications of 15-30 minutes per day. This could easily be applied using either our General Purpose Massager or Ultimate Quad Head Massager set on about 65-90% of full power. For general advice on how to use a vibration massager please see our our usage instructions.

Specific instructions for healing

This is for general information only, to be discussed with a professional familiar with your own needs. Usage would need to be done so as not to cause futher injury. As a suggestion the vibration should initially be applied away from an injury, then moved closer as the injured part has healed enough to be able to able to tolerate it.


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