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Do exercises help shoulder pain

If you suffer from shoulder pain you will likely be given some analgesics to relieve the pain and some exercises to “correct” the... Read Article  

Does foam rolling help recovery

If you get stiff and sore after a workout marketers promise that foam rolling will help, but do they really work and are they even safe?... Read Article  

Massage guns explained: what they are and what they do

Massage guns are widely marketed as a tool for self massage with claims of great benefits, but do they work or are they just a fad? In... Read Article  

How to release (treat) muscle knots yourself

Muscle knots are those tender lumps in your muscles, usually associated with muscle tightness, pain and fatigue. If you have any sort of... Read Article  

Warm-ups: your practical guide to reducing injuries, increasing performance and reducing post exercise soreness

If you play sport or workout a good warm-up will help prepare your muscles: increasing your performance, decreasing your risk of injury,... Read Article  

How NOT to use a massage gun- bad advice given by YouTube gurus

There are several common mistakes people make when using a massage gun. These include pressing in too hard and using the machine where... Read Article  

Fibromyalgia: how to treat the cause, not the effects (symptoms)

If you have fibromyalgia it’s highly unlikely that medical specialists will ever fix you. They’re treating effects not causes. It’s the... Read Article  

What is the best treatment for muscle knots

If you are looking for relief from muscle knot pain you will be offered a wide range of therapies ranging from home remedies through to... Read Article  

Muscle knot basics: what they are, what they do, and how to treat them

Muscle knots are those tender lumps in your muscles therapists find. They are arguably the biggest cause of musculoskeletal pain such as... Read Article  

Muscle knots: causes, prevention and the best treatments

Muscles knots can make you feel stiff and tired, plus cause a host of muscular aches and pains. However, a lot of advice and treatments... Read Article  

Stretching vs foam rolling: video version

Both stretching and foam rolling are commonly used to increase flexibility, prepare muscles for a workout, and to help recover... Read Article  

Stretching vs foam rolling: which should you do?

Both stretching and foam rolling are commonly used to increase flexibility, prepare muscles for a workout, and to help recover... Read Article  

Does foam rolling help cellulite: with video instructions

Marketing implies that you can get some pretty impressive results using a foam roller, but the reality is at best foam rolling only gives... Read Article  

Does foam rolling help recovery

If you do enough trials some will show something positive, which the marketers will use. They won’t tell you though that those benefits... Read Article  

Massage vs foam rollers vs massage guns for sports and exercise

Massage therapists have long been used to help prevent sports injuries and speed recovery, but more recently foam rollers and massage... Read Article  

Is it good to get a sports massage? Your guide to the types, uses and benefits

Sports massages are widely used with both professional (paid) and self help options. If you are looking at sports massages the main... Read Article  

Does massage help athletic or sports performance: with practical advice

Professional sports clubs have long used massage as a way to help their athletes, and more recently various self massage options have... Read Article  

Does sports massage help recovery

It is claimed that sports massages helps with recovery after sports or exercise, but do they, and are they worth getting? When we looked... Read Article  

The effects of trigger points on sports and athletics performance

There are many articles listing factors that effect sports and athletic performance, but almost all neglect (myofascial) trigger points ... Read Article  

What does a sports massage actually do

Sports massages are widely used and come with a host of claims such as that they increase performance and help recovery. However, when... Read Article  

The practical guide to massage for cellulite

With professional cellulite therapies being expensive and really not that effective the thought of being able to have a massage or use a... Read Article  

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