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Latent (Pain Free) Trigger Points Alter Neurological Control of Shoulder Movement Causing Damage, Impingement and Injury

This article summarises the very important clinical implications of the research done by Dr Karen Lucas in Melbourne for her PhD Thesis.... Read Article  

Massage for health and wellness

If you do an internet search on “corporate massage” you will find a large number of companies that provide workplace massage services. ... Read Article  

The relationship between latent trigger points and depression

A study published in the journal Clinical Rheumatology investigated the the prevalence of latent (pain free) myofascial trigger points... Read Article  

The sports and exercise guide to vibration massage

Most professional athletes and sports clubs make heavy use of massage type treatments. The ability to do self massage using a hand held... Read Article  

A practical approach to help demonstrate the cause and manage “tennis elbow” and similar conditions

In this research summary we will be sharing a simple practical test that helps show the cause, or at least a major contributing factor,... Read Article  

Adding manual therapies directed at improving function produces far superior results

A trial published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy compared the results of the treatment of shoulder impingement... Read Article  

Altered muscle activation patterns shown to cause hamstring injuries- a guide to correction

A study of sports people used surface electromyography (EMG) to compare the neurological control of those who had suffered hamstring... Read Article  

Exercises shown to not correct abnormal muscle activation patterns

Most movements require the co-ordinated contraction and relaxation of numerous muscles. The neurological control of this is known as a... Read Article  

Lower back pain suffers found to have poor sensorimotor control, remedied by local muscle vibration

Studies have shown that those suffering lower back pain have have inhibited sensory feedback and control. This lack of control is... Read Article  

Relief from Chronic Tension Type Headaches

The most common headache is said to be the chronic tension type. In a study of this type of headache 31 subjects were examined for... Read Article  

Traditional home massage found to be far superior to anti-inflammatory drugs for chronic upper back pain

Although anti-inflammatory drugs are heavily advertised and routinely prescribed for pain syndromes a recent clinical trial found them to... Read Article  

Why a sports person’s timing may be “out”, or be out of form

Most sports rely on some sort of muscular coordination and timing. Typically the brain receives some sort of stimulus or information. ... Read Article  

Latent (pain free) trigger points shown to cause rapid fatigue with pain-and underlie many other issues

A trial published in the journal Pain Medicine 2011 found that muscles containing latent (pain free) trigger points fatigued quickly and... Read Article  

Summary of research on the effect of vibration massage on muscle length and joint range of motion, with practical applications

In this article we will briefly review some research findings in relation to the affects of vibration massage on allowing muscles to... Read Article  

The use of foam rollers in sports

Professional massage therapy is used extensively by professional sports clubs and athletes. Seeing these benefits but not able to afford... Read Article  

An easy safe way to improve sleep quality while reducing anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure

A recent study published in the journal Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention showed that a simple 15 minute back massage each day... Read Article  

Assisting Healing

It has been long understood that vibration massage can accelerate healing by increasing blood flow and tissue oxygenation. Until... Read Article  

How scientists have successfully treated fibromyalgia

A scientific research review published in the journal Current Brain and Headache Reports investigated the link between trigger points and... Read Article  

Summary of research on the effect of vibration massage on post exercise muscle soreness and recovery

Research findings clearly show the use of vibration massage reduces post exercise Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), reduces residual... Read Article  

Trigger points and other chronic soft tissue problems

Some of the main issues treated by our massagers are myofascial trigger points (trigger points) and other issues related to chronically... Read Article  

The scientifically proven effects of vibration massage- with clinical applications

In this summary we investigate the science behind the use of vibration massage. This helps us envisage uses and to develop protocols. ... Read Article  

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