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How to massage fibromyalgia: practical science based advice

Massage can give great relief for fibromyalgia, but while some massages work well others don’t, and there is always the potential for the... Read Article  

The scientifically proven effects of vibration massage- with clinical applications

In this summary we investigate the science behind the use of vibration massage. This helps us envisage uses and to develop protocols. ... Read Article  

The best massage for fibromyalgia: practical science based advice

According to the results of many clinical trials massage can give great relief for fibromyalgia. However, while some massages worked... Read Article  

Trigger point therapy for fibromyalgia: inc. self help advice

Trigger point therapy is not only good for fibromyalgia, scientists have found that trigger points are the main cause of fibromyalgia and... Read Article  

Do exercises help shoulder pain

If you suffer from shoulder pain you will likely be given some analgesics to relieve the pain and some exercises to “correct” the... Read Article  

Why shoulder pain keeps coming back

If you suffer from shoulder pain that won't go away you're not alone. Studies show that only 21% of sufferers are better after 6 months.... Read Article  

Are massage guns a gimmick?

A gimmick is something that is not of real value used to attract attention, usually to get you to buy something. Massager guns certainly... Read Article  

How to choose the best settings for your vibrating massager

Most people think the setting of a massager is a simple matter of choosing the intensity you like, but the effects of the vibrations can... Read Article  

Massage guns explained: what they are and what they do

Massage guns are widely marketed as a tool for self massage with claims of great benefits, but do they work or are they just a fad? In... Read Article  

The practical, science based guide to post exercise recovery

To become fitter, stronger and faster your need to push your body to create the microscopic damage that stimulates improvement. That... Read Article  

Massage and trigger point therapy for shoulder pain, with self help options

Two of the best studies of shoulder pain found that (myofascial) trigger points in 17 different muscles contribute to shoulder pain... Read Article  

The practical guide to massage for cellulite

With professional cellulite therapies being expensive and really not that effective the thought of being able to have a massage or use a... Read Article  

Self massage and trigger point therapy for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is considered a difficult condition and too often does not respond to treatments, but this does not have to be. As I... Read Article  

Trigger point treatment: deactivation or elimination

Trigger points are a common cause of conditions such as back neck and shoulder pain. Common trigger point treatments merely deactivate... Read Article  

Self massage and trigger point therapy for headaches and migraines

Scientists have found that a high proportion of headaches result from pain coming from the muscles and joints of your head and neck. ... Read Article  

How to treat DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) is soreness normally felt in muscles for a few days after strenuous exercise. According to... Read Article  

The large but overlooked cause of slow reaction time in sports

There are a large number of things that can affects a sports persons reaction time such as fatigue, alcohol, lack of sleep and... Read Article  

The health benefits of massage

In this article we will discuss the health and wellness benefits of regular or wellness massages that have been scientifically... Read Article  

Are massage guns worth it- video version

Massage guns are marketed a wonder tool you can use to do self massage and help recover after a workout, but as we know marketers often... Read Article  

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