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Can (myofascial) trigger points cause shoulder pain

(myofascial) trigger points are a very large cause of shoulder pain. They have been found to be extremely common in sufferers of... Read Article  

How “pain free” trigger points cause muscles and joints to malfunction: causing injury and long term damage

Latent (pain free) trigger points are the tender spots in tight muscle you don’t know you have until a masseur presses upon them causing... Read Article  

Latent (Pain Free) Trigger Points Alter Neurological Control of Shoulder Movement Causing Damage, Impingement and Injury

This article summarises the very important clinical implications of the research done by Dr Karen Lucas in Melbourne for her PhD Thesis.... Read Article  

Why shoulder pain keeps coming back

Although shoulder pain is usually diagnosed as an impingement syndrome a study published in BMC Medicine states that evidence does not... Read Article  

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How to treat trigger points at home

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Do trigger points go away on their own?

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What trigger points cause headaches

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What is the best treatment for trigger points

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What helps muscles recover faster

To help your muscles recover after sports or exercise you should make sure you warm up properly first, then make sure you get adequate... Read Article  

The large but overlooked cause of slow reaction time in sports

There are a large number of things that can affects a sports persons reaction time such as fatigue, alcohol, lack of sleep and... Read Article  

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