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The best massage for DOMS and sore muscles

The trouble with having a really good workout is the next day your muscles are sore, and it takes a few days until you can work out with... Read Article  

What do chiropractic adjustments do

If you’re interested in chiropractic adjustments you’re probably wondering if they will be of benefit for you or someone you know. You... Read Article  

Massage and vibration massage for cellulite

Cellulite is a very common problem which can be unsightly and have unpleasant symptoms. There’s a variety of treatments such as lasers,... Read Article  

Does vibration get rid of cellulite

Clinical trials have shown that vibration can not only improve the appearance of cellulite, but can reduce the measurement of affected... Read Article  

The best massage for sports recovery

The problem with a really good workout is the next day your muscles are sore, and it takes a few days until you can work out again. ... Read Article  

The best massage for fibromyalgia

In a separate article I discuss how scientists have found that the main cause of fibromyalgia is chronic (long term) pain from your... Read Article  

Does massage help healing and recovery

Massage is said to help healing and recovery. It certainly does, and in this article I’ll show you scientific evidence of some pretty... Read Article  

Why shoulder pain keeps coming back- and what you can do about it

Shoulder pain is very common, yet most of the common treatments such as exercises, medications and other therapies do little more than... Read Article  

Why tennis elbow won't heal, and what you can do about it

Tennis elbow is a painful and disabling condition that is said to develop through overuse, but why does it then refuse to heal and defy... Read Article  

The real cause of tennis elbow, and what you can do about it

If you’ve got tennis elbow you’ve probably been told that it is inflamed due to overuse, and that it can take a lot of therapy and 6-12... Read Article  

What is the difference between trigger points, acupressure points, and other pressure points

There are a variety of systems of “pressure points” used for health benefits and to relieve pain. They all have their devoted advocates... Read Article  

The scientifically proven effects of vibration massage- with clinical applications

In this summary we investigate the science behind the use of vibration massage. This helps us envisage uses and to develop protocols. ... Read Article  

Are percussion massagers (massage guns) safe?

Massage guns (percussion massagers) are widely marketed but are they safe, or even effective? Colleagues mention seeing damage caused by... Read Article  

How to use a hand held massager

Using a hand held massager is simple. You place the vibrating head on the muscle, making good contact, and allow the vibrations to... Read Article  

Should I get a massage gun or, or a vibration massager

You will find a well designed vibration massager easier to use, safer, and will do a much better job. This is because the scientific... Read Article  

Do trigger points go away on their own?

Trigger points do not go away on their own. If rested or treated they may regress slightly to a state where they stop referring pain... Read Article  

Trigger point release explained

Trigger point release is a general term that describes procedures that relax tension and relieve pain in muscles that contain trigger... Read Article  

Massage and trigger point therapy for calf pain, with self help options

Muscular problems including trigger points have been shown to be a major cause of calf pain, with massage and trigger point therapy... Read Article  

Are massage guns a gimmick?

A gimmick is something that is not of real value used to attract attention, usually to get you to buy something. Massager guns certainly... Read Article  

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